The Ultimate Referral Program

Here’s Everything Inside The Ultimate Referral Program Experience…

Phase I – Get More Referrals

  • 3 Powerful Referral Programs and How to Double, Double, Double Referrals
  • 8 Success Keys for Driving In a Consistent Flood of Referrals
  • Proven Methods for Setting Up Your Customers to WANT to Give You Referrals
  • Using The Power of “Timing” – 5 Strategies for AUTOMATICALLY Increasing Referrals 25% of More
  • The Neighborhood Referral Program – A Game Changer for B2B and B2C Companies Alike
  • 4 Surefire Techniques to Trigger Clients to Refer Even More
  • Why Insisting on Referral Contact Information Reduces Referrals by Up to 50% or More
  • A Simple Word, Which When Used, Almost Guarantees Failure
  • How to “Arm” Your Customers and Turn Them Into Your Sales Force
  • How To Add ONE More Simple to Implement Referral Request That Can Skyrocket Referrals
  • How Doing This Thing, ONE MORE TIME, Can Double Referrals

Phase II – Get More Conversions

  • 5 Referral Conversion Success Keys to Turbo-Charging New CLIENTS
  • How Much You Can Invest in Converting Referrals
  • Creating Your “Care Package” for the Referral Prospects
  • How To Get The Referral Prospect’s Attention and Motivate Them To Give You a Try
  • How to “Activate” Your Clients To Help You Convert Their Friends Into Customers
  • How to SYSTEMATICALLY “Catch” Referral Prospects When They Are Ready to Buy
  • How to Attract Only QUALIFIED Referrals and Stop Wasting Time on Unqualified Prospects

Phase III – Systemize Referrals

  • How to Laser in on ONE Referral Generating/Converting Process to Ensure Effective Implementation
  • How Documenting Your Best Practices and Measuring Results Will Increase Referral Clients by 25-50% or more
  • EZ Look At The Numbers – Track, Trend, and Monitor Your Way to a High Producing Referral System
  • How to Train and Motivate Staff to Consistently and Enthusiastically WANT to Follow Your Referral System
  • How to Quickly and Easily TEST Each Element of Your Referral System To Slash Time and Turbo-charge Results
  • Two Referral Mistakes That Can Needlessly Reduce Referrals…And How to Overcome These with a Few Simple Changes
  • Referral Marketing Tips – Success Templates You Can Swipe and Apply to Your Business Right Away

Phase IV – Creating Raving Fans

  • 10 Opportunities to Increase Customers Retention by 50% or more
  • 3 Simple Ways You Can Impact Your Customer’s Satisfaction Level Prior To The Purchase
  • Creating a “Start to Finish Total Customer Satisfaction”
  • 7 “Satisfaction” Components of The Point Of Purchase Sale
  • Using the Red Carpet Treatment to Win Customers Hearts Day
  • Deploying The Power of Reciprocity to Build Instant Loyalty
  • The Power of Periodic Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • How to Turn a Customer “Problem” Into a Raving Fan
  • Getting Team Passionate With a "Customer Commitment Mindset"™

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