You’re Just 60 Minutes Away From Uncovering An Additional $25,000+
in Added Profit Streams

My goal is to help your business prosper. I am excited that you have taken advantage of my gift to help you grow your businesses revenues and profits. I have arranged to have a Scott Hallman Certified ProfitAdvisor™ spend an intense 60 minutes with you to help you uncover profit opportunities within your business that you can immediately implement without spending an extra dollar on marketing or sales costs.

As I shared with you, I have followed Scott Hallman for years and watched as he has helped clients like Tony Robbins, Chet Holmes, leading Internet Marketers, and companies in over 250 industries grow and prosper. This list includes 9 companies that became ranked on the INC 500 list of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies. Scott himself first applied his unique success strategies to his own companies that were ranked on the INC 500 list at #59 and #106. Plus, another company he founded that reached a market value of $1B.


Jim Frey

Here’s what you will learn in the 60 Minute Session:

  • Discover How To Automatically Increase Your Leads
  • Learn How To Get More Prospects Engaged in Your Sales Process
  • Identify Simple Ways To Instantly Increase Your Sales Conversion Rates
  • Effortlessly Add 5-20% To Your Average Transaction
  • Uncover Highly Effective Methods For Increasing Purchase Frequency
  • Plus, We Will Share 3 Easy To Implement Tactics For Increasing Referrals

The ProfitAdvisor™ will apply several of these to your business and show you how to utilize these to increase new profit streams of at least $25,000.

We are committed to actionable strategies that YOU believe will produce measurable results for your business. We will even use our “ProfitCalculator™” during the session so you can watch your profits grow before your very eyes.

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