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Option 1 – Gold Level
Component #1 – Accelerated Business Growth University
BusinessAccelerator™ Training Modules ($3,500)
Instant Blueprint to Profits – ProfitCalculator™ ($1,500)
Top Client Attraction Blueprint ($777)
Total Component #1 Value – $5,777
Component #2 – Implementation Mastery
EZ Look At The Numbers ($1,200)
Build a Top Sales Force For FREE ($2,000)
Productivity Mastery: 6 Weeks of Freedom (Priceless)
Total Component #2 Value – $4,700

Option 2 – Platinum Level
Everything Listed Above in the Gold Level, plus …
BONUS #1 – 5X Business Wealth Generation System ($1,000)
BONUS #2 – Speed2Profits™ 2 Day LIVE Event (US) ($3,000)
TOTAL VALUE of $14,477


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Hi, this is Scott Hallman and Welcome to The Speed2Profits™ Program.

In this first video, I am going to share with you core philosophies of our program and provide you with some important grounding information that will likely increase your excitement about this program to a whole new level.

I will talk about effective implementation that will help you maximize what you get out of this program.

I also will walk you through the training content you will learn over the following 16 weeks. It is not uncommon for businesses to begin generating profits just from what they learned in this overview.

I will also provide you with a quick tour of the Speed2Profits™ Online Learning Center so you know where to access all the incredible training resources we have made available to you in order to help you achieve your goals.

The Speed2Profits™ Program is about OPTIMIZATION of your marketing, sales, and client value processes (everything that is involved in getting more clients and maximizing their transactional value for life). And, if you are in the early stages of your business, you will learn to maximize your cash flow profits from day one in order to fuel your growth.

Over the next 16 weeks, you will learn how to predictably and systematically increase your businesses profits 25-100%+, faster and easier than you ever thought possible. All without any specialized skills, added resources, fancy technology or investment.

You will learn how to create a simple yet powerful Model that will enable you to implement and execute even more effectively than you do today. A model that is built using your business’ actual figures in order to determine predictable profits you will generate from this program. This model will also contain the precise strategies and tactics that you will utilize in order to generate these added profits for your business.

You will have a clear strategy and execution plan for methodically implementing each success strategy and tactic within your unique business.

You will learn to identify your businesses’ ProfitDrivers™, or measurable steps in your marketing, sales, and customer value processes. The Speed2Profits™ Program covers 18 ProfitDrivers™ in detail.

You will learn HOW to predictably increase your revenue and profit by “one-upping” the current performance of these ProfitDrivers™ by just 3-5% each.

You will learn to make these small performance boosting improvements with precision, which collectively create geometric growth as a result of the Law of Compounding.

Each week you will produce measurable and ever-increasing revenue and profit.

Business Wealth and Your Retirement Fund

Making significant profits year in and year out is awesome. Building wealth is even better.

It is looking more and more like there may be no Social Security retirement fund by the time we’re ready to enter that chapter of our lives. For many of you, your business is your key to building your wealth and funding your retirement.

Therefore, in the Speed2Profits™ program you will also learn how to turn these new found profit streams into BUSINESS WEALTH, adding hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars to your company’s value.


Follow the Yellow Brick Road

In the Wizard of Oz, following the yellow brick road guaranteed that Dorothy would find Emerald City, and the wizard that could reward her with the riches she desired. As long as she followed that “success path” it was sure to lead her to the precise destination. After all, it had been proven to be reliable over and over again.

As with the yellow brick road, this program has been field tested in companies from over 250 different industries worldwide, helping them uncover tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars in low hanging fruit profits and business wealth in record time.

The Speed2Profits™ program is focused on first optimizing and maximizing the current performance of what you are already doing. It includes a framework model that will help your business to more effectively implement ALL your best ideas for growth.

It will enable you to generate extra revenue and profits from everything you implement. What previously would have produced an extra $25,000 in profit will now produce an extra $35,000-$50,000.

You will end the 16 weeks with a completely different view on what it takes to succeed in both the short and long term.



It is critically important for you to understand that what also makes the Speed2Profits™ program so different is the intense focus on IMPLEMENTATION.

I have no interest in teaching you a bunch of “new” strategies and tactics that simply get added to the stack of ideas that someday will hopefully get implemented.

In contrast, the Speed2Profits™ program provides you strategies and tactics you can quickly implement, complete with the detailed step-by-step implementation and execution system that is proven to produce measurable results, and lock these in place for life.

The Speed2Profits™ program includes an extensive online members only Learning Center, which was nearly a year in the making. It includes all the training modules, replays of the Live Q & A sessions and Member Hot Seats, transcripts, action guides, and success templates for each and every module. Plus, business case studies that include the breakthroughs these businesses have experienced and the precise strategies and tactics they utilized.

The program was designed so that ANY business, regardless of industry, size, geography, or level of expertise, can effectively implement what they learn with little time, money or effort.

I am confident that once you see how simple it is to achieve performance improvements to each of the ProfitDrivers™, utilizing the Right Strategies and the Right Execution process you will find yourself, for perhaps the first time ever, implementing at the Speed of Sound to instantly producing measurable revenue and profit increases like you may never have thought possible.

The Speed2Profits™ program also makes implementation and execution within your company something your team actually looks forward to, providing them with a sense of certainty and rewarding accomplishment.

In addition, during the Speed2Execution™ portion of this program, you will learn how to turbo-charge your productivity and free up over 6 weeks of personal time per year! Time you can spend with family, friends, vacationing, or putting to use to take your business to the next level.

And to ensure you don’t just produce short-term results over the next 16 weeks, you will see how to create a simple Mastery Plan that requires just one hour a week of focused time in order to cement in your increased revenue, profit, and business wealth increases over the long run.

Sharing the Speed2Profits™ program with you is extremely exciting for me. What I ask in return is that you make a commitment to having this be your best year ever…a commitment to achieving the results that you desire…a commitment to playing full out over the next 16 weeks…a commitment to remain totally focused, uninterrupted by e-mails, text messages, or other distractions that will keep you from immersing yourself into the training so you produce measurable, sustainable, and often dramatic results.

The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

We entrepreneurs are in an unprecedented competitive environment, with more sophisticated, broader reaching, hungry, and at times desperate competitors.

The pace of change is accelerating at ever increasing speeds and therefore we must be able to adapt to these changes and become the leader in our space. Learning HOW to effectively OPTIMIZE your new client generation and customer transactional value, as well as HOW to SYSTEMATICALLY manage your business, will provide you with the ultimate competitive advantage.

The Speed2Profits™ program takes implementation to a whole new level by integrating our Dynamic Learning System. Dynamic Learning involves continually modifying or adapting your Success Formulas and procedures in order to adapt to changing customer needs, the competitive environment, and economy to ensure you stay ahead of the pack and dominate your market for years to come.

Your competitors will be scrambling to keep up with you as you “dynamically” modify your Success Formulas and constantly one-up everything you do.

To further ensure your success, I have emptied out my Business Growth Success Vault, which has been filled with real-world, in the trenches proven success strategies and tactics for over 30 years of business experience. It also includes painful, yet invaluable, learning lessons that will help you avoid many painful and costly mistakes that I made over the years.

This Success Vault contains the secrets that have helped my companies get ranked on the INC 500 list of the fastest growing privately held companies in America, not once but twice. Then I built another business, with my co-founder, from the ground up into a billion dollar valued company within just 21 months. They have been adapted to produce guaranteed results for any business.

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

My private clients pay me $40,000-$120,000 retainers per year in order to access this Success Vault and get my personal coaching on which ones to deploy, when to deploy them, and how to most effectively implement them within their unique business and environment.

And now for the first time ever, I am sharing the Speed2Profits™ program with those of you who have invested in this program.

To “one-up” the training even more, I have enlisted the help of some of the greatest business growth experts of our time to provide their Top Marketing and Sales Strategies for growing a business. I requested each of them to share their revenue and profit generating training that contains absolutely zero backend selling.

I have carefully and diligently selected these experts based on the information I believe, from working with thousands of companies, will help you at the greatest level to achieve your goals.


The Boring Way to Business Riches™

Now I understand that some of you may think of OPTIMIZATION of your current processes as “The Boring Way to Business Riches” (a potential title of my next book). But I promise you that by the end of this program you will realize that mastering this skill can transform your business forever, resulting in dramatic increases in your revenue, profit and company value. And I think that is pretty EXCITING, don’t you?

OPTIMIZATION of your marketing, sales, and client value processes is only one component of building a great business. In addition, you must continually innovate, adapt and find new ways of attracting prospects; have solid financial and management systems; provide quality products and services that businesses and consumers need and want; build strong teams; utilize state of the art technology, and a host of other fundamentals.

However, with that said, there simply is no faster, more predictable, or easier way to increase your profits than deploying The Power of OPTIMIZATIONto the processes and systems you already have in place! In fact, if you have an existing business, it is virtually impossible for you to not generate increased profit streams of at least 10 times the cost of this program, and likely 50-100 times or more.


Teach Me Something New

Beware of the “Teach Me Something New Syndrome” as you go through this program. That is, the continual search for some Magic Pill that will cure your problems and skyrocket your growth overnight. It is a dangerous pill that keeps the vast majority of businesses from achieving the level of success they deserve.

In fact, if you have found yourself chasing this Magic Pill, you likely have experienced continual frustration and disappointment, as well as wasted money chasing this quick fix.

With that said, I want to once again assure you that in addition to learning how to OPTIMIZE what you already are doing, you will also learn dozens of “new” strategies and tactics for improving and for building your business in the Speed2Profits™ program. The key distinction is that these “new” ideas will be proven, tested success strategies that are simple to execute, and require little time, money or effort.

The Speed2Profits™ Program

In Phase 1 – The Foundation you will learn to build your own Hourglass Profit Model™ where you will identify YOUR unique ProfitDrivers™, and then utilize your actual numbers to calculate the increased profits you can earn by improving the performance of each of these by an average of just 3%.

By the completion of Phase 1 you will have a clear road map, complete with specific targets for achieving the promised 25-100%+ increase in added profit streams for your business.

In Phase II – New Customer Generation you will learn the precise strategies and tactics you will deploy to achieve the performance improvements to your New Customer Generation activities.

In Phase III – Maximizing Existing Customer Revenue you will learn the precise strategies and tactics you will deploy to achieve these performance improvements in order to dramatically increase your revenue and profit you generate from them.

In Phase IVSpeed2Execute™ you will learn the how to more effectively implement during this portion of our training. This includes creating the metrics and reporting for each ProfitDriver™ so you can track the success and continually one up your results.

In addition, you will create a simple 8 month plan, which requires about an hour of focused time per week, for ensuring you implement all the top strategies and tactics you selected in Phase II and III, and cement these into place to produce long term results.

The Speed2Profits™ Content

The Speed2Profits™ program is made up of 7 BusinessAccelerator™ categories, which make up your Marketing-Sales-Customer Value Lifecycle – starting with lead generation, through customer acquisition, and all the way through the life of your customer.

Within these BusinessAccelerator™ categories are 18 potential ProfitDrivers™ for propelling your growth and profitability. Increasing the performance of these 18 ProfitDrivers™ by just an average of 3% will enable you to predictably increase your profits 25-100% or more over the course of this program.

The Foundation (Module 1) – A house without a strong foundation will surely not withstand the test of time and will ultimately crumble. Therefore, it is the first thing that must be put in place before a great house can be built. It is no different with building a business. Therefore, the first training module, The Foundation, is focused on helping you build a strong foundation that will ensure you create long-term sustainable results.

The Foundation is where you will learn about the “Hourglass Profit Model™” and how this tool will help you achieve your goals. Within this tool is where you will create your revenue and profit maximizing model, complete with your own numbers and targets, and the unique strategies and tactics you will implement.

Then we will dive into the BusinessAccelerator™ Modules.

The first 3 BusinessAccelerators™ are focused on generating more leads and converting more of these into paying clients, customers, patients, members, distributors or whatever you call the patrons of your business.

In LeadGenerator™ (Module 2) you will learn the ProfitDrivers™ for expanding your lead reach, increasing your exposure and driving up response rates from your current marketing tactics, whether these are formal or informal. We will cover five powerful strategies for increasing leads that require no marketing investment.

In this module you can immediately begin increasing the number of clients, customers, or patients you currently are generating from your marketing. The exciting thing we find is that awareness alone can produce measurable results. When members stop long enough to evaluate how they are specifically generating their leads currently, and get clear on the key elements required to maximize response rates, they often are able to make rapid changes that produce rapid results with ease.

Also, in LeadGenerator™ we are going to focus on both your inbound and outbound lead generation methods. We are also going to help you begin to track key metrics that are necessary for maximizing the number of quality leads you generate and reducing the cost of those leads significantly.

Ok, let’s continue with the second BusinessAccelerator™ module.

In SalesEngager™ (Module 3) we will focus on steps or ProfitDrivers™ in your sales process that are required before a prospect is ready to make a buying decision. Depending upon the type of business you have, these steps or what we will refer to as ProfitDrivers™, will vary. I will share 4 Common Marketing-Sales funnels with you during the next few videos. One example would be:

  1. Reaching the prospect, whether via phone, e-mail, or in person.

  2. Engaging in a meaningful communication to qualify them and increase the interest in your product, service and company.

  3. Then perhaps setting an appointment, or providing a demonstration, or getting them to watch your informational video in order to educate them further on the benefits you provide.

  4. And perhaps then getting them to request a proposal or quote, or a reference, or more information required before they’re ready to make a buying decision.

In ConversionIgniter™ (Module 4) you will begin turning these qualified, interested prospects into customers, ones that the Speed2Profits™ program will help you keep longer, get them to spend more, and refer you to their friends like crazy.

In ConversionIgniter™ we will cover three ProfitDrivers™ that include specific closing opportunities for maximizing your Ultimate Conversion Rate, including your Initial Closing Rate, your Follow-up Closing Rate, and your Down-Sell Closing Rate. Within these three, most businesses find a treasure chest of profits waiting to be dug up.

We will cover techniques that are equally effective for both online and offline businesses, as well as techniques that are unique for each of these.


So Far So Good

Your target revenue improvement from these first 3 Business Accelerator categories will likely range between 15%- 50%. The cool thing is that you will actually be tracking your numbers as we go through each training module. You will have a crystal-clear plan for increasing your new customer acquisition.

By the way, as you identify the specific strategies and tactics that you will utilize to increase the performance of each of your selected ProfitDrivers™, you will continuously update your model with even greater results.

The Business Accelerator module is… RevenueMagnifier™ (Module 5) – in this module you will begin “ringing the cash register” from your new paying customers. We will cover three ProfitDrivers™ and specific average transaction increasing opportunities for maximizing your Ultimate Transaction Value, including pricing, point of purchase offers, and packaging and bundling your products and services.

Certainly this is one of the most exciting modules as it generates increased revenue and cash profits that you can touch. However, improving the performance of this one BusinessAccelerator™ without OPTIMIZING the previous three will produce only modest results. Herein lays the Power of Compounding. And the more ProfitDrivers™ you improve, and stacked upon one another, the greater the compounding effect will be.

The Power of Duplication

So far you will have learned to increase leads in LeadGenerator™; convert more to transactions in SalesEngager™ and ConversionIgniter™; and maximize the average transaction for these new customers in RevenueMagnifier™. That’s awesome but it is only the beginning of the impact these will have on your revenue and profits.

CRITICAL DISTINCTION: The success formulas you create will not only apply to the transactions of the new clients but also every transaction within your company. It creates a double or even triple whammy effect on both your revenue and profitability.

Your new lead generation success formula will help you get your customers to respond to your marketing.

Your new success formula for engaging more interested prospects will also help you engage more customers to learn more about your other products and services.

Your new success formula for converting more prospects into customers will also help you convert your customers to purchase additional products and services.

Your new success formula for maximizing the transactional value of the average purchase will also enable you to increase the transactional value of every purchase your customers make.

Are you starting to see how powerful the Speed2Profits™ program can be for your business? Can you begin to see why we named it Speed2Profits™? Is it starting to sink in how easy it is for your business to increase profits dramatically by making small improvements to each of the ProfitDrivers™ you identify?

And we are only halfway through the Speed2Profits™ program!!!


Existing Client Transactional Value

Now as you have likely increased your revenue by 25 to 50% or more, it’s time to start optimizing and maximizing the revenue and profits you produce from your existing customer base. The fact is that most businesses produce the majority of their revenue from their existing customers. Unfortunately it’s also true that the vast majority of businesses fail to optimize the revenue they generate from their customers.

It seems that the Teach Me Something New Syndrome strongly influences many business owners and executives to focus on new client generation by throwing time, resources and money at the latest Magic Pill lead generating programs out there. And although this can lead to significant measurable growth if done intelligently, there’s a way more predictable way to increase new clients, customers, patients, and members for virtually every business, and that is by OPTIMIZING what you are already doing first.

I know. I know. I sound like a broken record and quite honestly that is intentional. My goal is to get you to first maximize every dollar of profit within your existing business before you pursue new marketing and sales strategies that require investment and risk.

Then, once you achieve this you can take some of your new found profits and invest them into these new, cool things that can potentially take your business to the next level.

In PurchaseMaximizer™ (Module 6) we will focus on maximizing the number of transactions each of your customers purchase from you each year and over their life.

I really love this module because it provides such an in depth look at the OPTIMIZATION opportunities for selling more to your clients regardless of the types of products or services you provide.

Also, in PurchaseMaximizer™ we’re going to concentrate on three ProfitDrivers™

  1. Increasing frequency of the repurchase of your primary product(s) or service(s)

  2. Increasing the average number of products and services that your customers purchase from you

  3. Increasing, or initializing, the average number of products and services that your customers purchase from your strategic partners

In PurchaseMaximizer™ we will cover strategies and tactics that apply to long-term repeat purchases, like furniture, random repeat purchases, such as chiropractic visits, and regular repeat purchases, such as nutritional supplements. Each of these require a somewhat different approach to implementation and execution. This level of detailed implementation focus is what makes the Speed2Profits™ program so unique.

Once again, each of these requires optimizing and maximizing the number that are “reached” and engage in meaningful communication; likely requires some sort of a sales interaction; requires some form of sales close; and presents the opportunity to upsell, cross sell, bundle, and maximize net price.

ClientLeverager™ (Module 7 ) in this BusinessAccelerator™ module, we will focus on leveraging your relationships with your customers and former customers. The primary ProfitDrivers™ in this module are Get More Customer Reactivations and Get More Referrals.

When it came to referrals, I had a bit of a challenge with putting this training in this module as 90% of business trainers would place it within the LeadGenerator™ module.

But after wrestling with this for a while, I finally decided that because it is one of the most powerful revenue and profit generating strategies for most businesses, it needed its own dedicated training module.

Over the years many well-intentioned business growth trainers have caused many businesses to abandon this powerful client generating strategy altogether. It was touted as the simplest way to grow business. All a business had to do was simply ask and the referrals would come flooding in. Does it work that way? NO.

In order to produce measurable, consistent customer referrals you need to have a finely tuned system in place. Therefore, I am going to provide you with a full-blown referral training module that will ensure that you finally get this powerful client generator working on all cylinders within your business.

When I speak at live, high-end business training events, I show the slide below prior to engaging in discussion about referrals.

I then proceed to share the three slides that contain the specific tactics with the audience.

Next, I survey them by asking this question, “How many believe without a doubt that these 3 tactics can increase the number of referral clients by at least 200%?” Without fail, 90+ percent of the hands are raised.

In ClientLeverager™ I will share with you these three powerful referral tactics, as well as 13 more that are covered in our “16 Reasons Referral Systems Fail – How To Make Small Shifts To Open The Floodgates of Referral Customers” program.

In addition you will learn three powerful referral systems, complete with a step-by-step implementation process to ensure you produce a continuous stream of new referral clients.

In ClientLeverager™, we will also cover Reactivating Your Lost Customers. For most businesses the number, once again, of clients or patients that are either lost or inactive is rather sizable. In addition, most businesses we’ve surveyed do not have a systematic process in place reactivating these valuable customers.

I will share with you several strategies and tactics for successfully converting these inactive customers to active customers once again. In this module I will share with you the details of how a nutritional supplement company reactivated over 14% of their past customers following our program.

In addition, will cover our Win-Back System that helps you save customers BEFORE they actually quit doing business with you.

LoyaltyCreator™ (Module 8), we will focus on two ProfitDriver™ optimization opportunities. The first is focused on Purchase Retention, which is reducing the number of returns, exchanges, refunds and cancellations after the purchase has been made. As I indicated earlier, all ProfitDrivers™ do not apply to all businesses, and this ProfitDriver™ is one of those. However, for those of you that offer money back guarantees or have a generous exchange or cancellation policy, optimizing your purchase retention rate can produce immediate cash profits for your business. The second ProfitDriver™ in LoyaltyCreator™ is Long Term Client Loyalty. This is perhaps the most important ProfitDriver™ of all. Not only will satisfied customers stay loyal longer, they will also cancel or request refunds far less often. And it doesn’t stop there. Raving Fan customers will purchase from you more often, purchase more of the products and services you provide, be far less sensitive to price, and refer you to other like minded customers that will in turn buy from you longer, more often, and refer you to their friends and family. In LoyaltyCreator™ I’m going to share with you the simple 10 step system I utilized within my own companies to produce retention rates of over 97% over an eight year period. Ah, I love the “Boring Way to Riches”.

Speed2Execution™ (Module 9) – In this training “module” you will learn effective methods for implementing and executing even more effectively. It contains strategies, tactics and systems for helping you be more productive, overcome Implementation Barriers, develop a tracking and reporting process, prioritize your projects, create quarterly plans, conduct effective meetings, and much more. Unlike the other training modules, which are made available in their entirety every two weeks, in sequential order, Speed2Execution™ will be integrated throughout the other modules as appropriate. There are 3 reasons for this:

  1. Giving it to you all at once would likely be overwhelming.

  2. Providing you with specific execution advice at the precise time you will need it will ensure you can put the training to use rapidly.

  3. Dynamic Training – As you may recall, our training is Dynamic, meaning that I will continue to modify and adapt the training as the business environment changes. This ensures you receive the latest implementation breakthroughs as we create them.

As each session is released, it will accumulate in the Speed2Execution™ Learning Center, accessible from the Speed2Profits™ home page.

Every two weeks a new BusinessAccelerator™ training module will be released. These will average about three hours each, bite-size videos that range from 15-35 minutes. So we will be moving at a fast pace, something you would expect from a program called Speed2Profits™. If you miss any of the training modules or find that you have more ideas than you can implement within the two weeks, “no worries” (as they say in Australia), every minute will be captured and available in the online Learning Center.


That completes our overview of the Speed2Profits™ program.

During this video I talked about the power of compounding you will experience as you go through each of the BusinessAccelerator™ modules. The first three are focused on getting more leads and getting more of these leads to convert to new customers.

And in the next BusinessAccelerator™ module you will learn how to dramatically increase your average transaction value.

Then we will shift our focus to maximizing the transactional value of your existing customers. First we will focus on strengthening purchase retention and building even stronger loyalty among your customers.

Then, armed with the Raving Fans that trust and admire you, we shifted our focus on maximizing the number of repeat purchases these customers make.

You’re going to turn these Raving Fans into your sales force by converting them to referral ambassadors or help drive in new customers effortlessly.

Finally, you’re going to utilize your optimized new client generation system to reactivate lost or inactive customers who still have a need for your type of products and services.

As I emphasized earlier in this video, the Speed2Profits™ program is ALL ABOUT IMPLEMENTATION. In order to ensure that you produce long-term results in this training, we have created the Speed2Execution™ portion of this program to help you do just that.

In addition, the Online Speed2Profits™ Learning Center is filled with viable resources to maximize the results you get from this program.

Let’s Get Started on YOUR Profit Journey

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To Your Success,

Scott Hallman