As part of the Speed2Profits™ program (S2P) we request that you complete this Business Profile of your company in order to give us an accurate overview of your organization, your goals, expectations, challenges and opportunities so we can customize our advice to your company. Once completed, hit “send” and it will be provided to your ProfitAdvisor™.

Feel free to email any additional documents or materials that you feel will help give us a stronger overview of your organization to All information will be held in the strictest confidence and will not be shared in any way with any other entities or be used for any other purpose.

For any questions that require effort to answer either skip or “guesstimate” your answer. Also, leave blank any questions you may feel uncomfortable answering.


    Company Name

    Your Name

    Your Title

    Email Address

    Phone Number




    Annual Revenue

    Gross Margin % - Revenue less the direct costs of fulfilling the sale

    Net Profit %



    Where have your Overall Revenues been trending over the last 3 years?

    Where have your Gross Margins been trending over the last 3 years?

    Where have your New Profits (EBITDA) been trending over the last 3 years?



    Name of Owners/Partners within your business.

    Owner Name, Title, Responsibility

    Owner Name, Title, Responsibility

    Owner Name, Title, Responsibility

    Owner Name, Title, Responsibility

    Total years business has existed?

    Years in Business:

    How many Locations/Offices do you have?

    Give an overview of the core business that we will be working with you on.

    What is your Primary Industry?

    Describe your Core Market (who do you sell to?)

    Describe your Ideal Client / Best Buyers

    What Category below best describes your Business?

    If other, please describe:

    Tell us about your Employees

    How many total employees do you have?

    How many employees report directly to you?

    Additional input and comments that you feel would provide us additional insight regarding your business, industry, or market.



    What products or services represent 80% of your business volume?

    Product or Services Name

    Sales Volume

    Percent of Sales

    Sell Price

    Gross Margin %


    Product or Services Name

    Sales Volume

    Percent of Sales

    Sell Price

    Gross Margin %


    Product or Services Name

    Sales Volume

    Percent of Sales

    Sell Price

    Gross Margin %


    Product or Services Name

    Sales Volume

    Percent of Sales

    Sell Price

    Gross Margin %


    Product or Services Name

    Sales Volume

    Percent of Sales

    Sell Price

    Gross Margin %

    Information regarding sales and profitability.

    What is the average value of a transaction/sale in dollars?

    How many different products/services do you offer?

    How many transactions/sales do you average per month?

    What are your payment terms for products/services sold?

    What differentiates your product or service from your competition?

    Additional input and comments that you feel would provide us additional insight regarding your products / services.



    Marketing is the foundation for generating new business opportunities. Understanding your current marketing efforts and results is a key to improving profitability. Please tell us what marketing efforts you focus on and what works best.

    Information regarding your current marketing efforts.

    How many leads do you generate per month?

    How many leads, on average, does it take to make a sale?

    How many lead sources/methods do you use right now?

    What is your average monthly spend on marketing/lead generation?

    What is your average cost per lead?

    Do you use market data to educate prospects and current customers?

    Please list all marketing methods currently in use. Also, what have been your most successful marketing strategies and applicable marketing tactics? Why?



    The sales process is critical when it comes to leveraging your marketing efforts into new revenues and profits. Your “sales process” is based upon how you generate leads and convert prospects. A well-defined sales process means greater revenue and profits.

    Information regarding your current sales process.

    Do you have a systemized written sales process that is diligently followed?

    Do you track conversion between each step of the sales process?

    On average, how many contacts are required before you make a sale?

    If you sell direct, what is your conversion rate from appointment/presentation to close?

    If you sell via the Internet, what is your conversion rate from “check out” to transaction completion?

    How well do your sales people follow up? On a scale of 1-10 (10 is perfect).

    How well do you follow up when sales rep not involved?

    How many sales people do you have right now?

    How many of those are Top Performers?

    How many of your sales people should probably go do something else?



    Most companies can use significant improvement in maximizing both the first year revenue and lifetime client revenue. Focusing one's efforts toward maximizing average transaction value, increasing frequency of purchase, systemizing a referral process, and creating “life long raving fan clients” will open up streams of new profits and lasting revenues.

    Information regarding maximizing the lifetime value of a client.

    How many “Active” recurring/repeat buyers do you have?

    How long do you typically keep a client in years?

    What is the frequency of purchase from repeat buyers (every week, 5 yrs.)?

    How many times does your average client buy from you per year?

    How many referrals do your satisfied buyers give you per month?

    Do you have a systemized active referral process that is well deployed?

    Is your referral process passive and/or haphazard? (referral by chance)

    How many “Inactive” or lost clients over the last 3 years?

    Do you have a systematic follow up nurturing system to win them back when they are ready to once again buy?



    Please rate your current ability and skill level on the following topics. The scale is from 1-10, with 10 being the strongest.

    Information regarding your Business Skills / Abilities

    We track all of our key metrics and review these regularly.

    We constantly are looking to improve the performance of every step in our lead generation, client conversion, and client value maximization processes.

    I run meetings effectively and efficiently and have been well trained by experts in how to do so.

    I've mastered the art of acquiring new clients and could write a book on the subject.

    We have 10+ different methods for landing new clients working effectively right now.

    Our competition cannot really compete with us due to how we've strategically positioned ourselves in the marketplace.

    Everything we do in our company has a documented, defined and efficient process and procedure and everyone follows our procedures perfectly such that I don’t even have to come to the office if I don’t want to.

    Therefore, I spend a great deal of time working ON my business instead of IN it, resulting in a constant effort to increase profits at every turn.

    We have perfected our sales pitch and approach and are masters at delivering it when we get in front of buyers.

    We have several exceptional strategies that constantly get us the best clients our market has to offer.

    We have systematic, documented procedures for maximizing client value, including average transaction, pricing, repeat purchases, and customer retention.



    What are your business goals in regards to increased revenue, profitability, market share, business valuation, and exit strategy?

    What are your expectations in regards to the Speed2Profits™ program?

    How would these outcomes change your business and your personal life?

    What issues, problems or challenges in your business are you hoping to address?

    What impact do these challenges have on your business life?

    What impact do these challenges have on your personal life?



    Thank you for answering the questions above. This information is extremely helpful understanding your business. If there is anything else you would like to share with us, please note it below.

    Get excited as you are about to go through a experience that will not only help you generate significant increased profits and business wealth…it will likely transform the way you see business forever!

    Remember to return your completed Business Profile to your Profit Advisor at least 24 hours prior to your 1st scheduled coaching session.